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Главная Каталог Методические пособия СРЕДНЯЯ ШКОЛА Иностранный язык Поурочные планы по учебникам В. П. Кузовлева Английский язык. 10-11 классы: поурочные планы по учебнику В. П. Кузовлева, Н. М. Лапы, Э. Ш. Перегудовой и др. "English-10-11": в 2 ч. - Часть I

Английский язык. 10-11 классы: поурочные планы по учебнику В. П. Кузовлева, Н. М. Лапы, Э. Ш. Перегудовой и др. "English-10-11": в 2 ч. - Часть I

Английский язык. 10-11 классы: поурочные планы по учебнику В. П. Кузовлева, Н. М. Лапы, Э. Ш. Перегудовой и др. "English-10-11": в 2 ч. - Часть I

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Данное пособие предлагает планирование уроков английского языка в 10-11 классах в соответствии с учебником В. П. Кузовлева и др. "English-10-11", а также разработки внеклассных мероприятий и уроков для проведения домашнего чтения.
Пособие предназначено для учителей иностранных языков 10-11 классов общеобразовательных школ и 9 классов школ с углубленным изучением иностранного языка. Будет полезно руководителям методических объединений, кафедр соответствующего направления.

Авторы: Васильева Л. В.
Выпуск: 2008 г.
Код: 112з/1
Страниц: 477
УДК: 371.214.1
ISBN: 978-5-7057-1400-1
Серия: Для преподавателей
Класс: 10-11
Страниц: 477
Высота: 213мм
Ширина: 138мм
Толщина: 19мм
Вес: 330г

Содержание книги: Английский язык. 10-11 классы: поурочные планы по учебнику В. П. Кузовлева, Н. М. Лапы, Э. Ш. Перегудовой и др. "English-10-11": в 2 ч. - Часть I

Предисловие    3

Тематическое планирование 5

Term I (20 lessons)

Unit I. How different the world is! 8

Lesson 1. Different landscapes – different countries.    8

Lesson 2. The geographical position of Russia.    15

Lesson 3. Articles with geographical names (Grammar lesson)    22

Lesson 4. The land of the Maple leaf and the Mounties (Home-reading)    29

Lesson 5. How does the geographical position of Australia, Great Britain and America influence people’s lives?    36

Lesson 6. How does the geographical position of Russia influence people’s lives?    43

Lesson 7. Back home (Home-reading)    48

Lesson 8. Typical personality traits of Americans.    53

Lesson 9. Do you know? (Communication)    58

Lesson 10. Reported Speech (Grammar lesson)    66

Lesson 11. East or West.    72

Lesson 12. Home is best (Would you like to live in Russia?)    79

Lesson 13. Russian national character (Home-reading)    86

Lesson 14. Grammar test (1).    92

Lesson 15. “The influence of Geography on people and their lifestyles” (Project)    97

Lesson 16. Understanding Britain (Home-reading)    110

Lesson 17. Reported Speech (Special Questions) (Grammar lesson)    118

Lesson 18. Could you tell me, please? (Communication)    124

Lesson 19. “Welcome to Russia! Welcome to Volgograd!” (Project)     131

Lesson 20. Final test (Unit I)    142

Внеклассное мероприятие: Quiz 1 “What do you know about the USA?” (Cultural awareness) 146

Внеклассное мероприятие: Quiz 2 “Who wants to be a millionaire?” (Great Britain) (Cultural awareness) 153

Term II (18 lessons)

Unit II. Western Democracies. Are they democratic? 159

Lesson 1. Parliamentary Democracy. How does it work?    159

Lesson 2. What do the British think about the monarchy? (Home-reading)    166

Lesson 3. Modal verbs (Grammar lesson)    173

Lesson 4. How much power does the USA President have?    178

Lesson 5. The judicial branch of government in the USA    186

Lesson 6. What political system does Russia belong to?    190

Lesson 7. The common features and the differences between Russian, American and English political systems (TV bridge)    198

Lesson 8. Grammar test.    207

Lesson 9. Must a politician be kind?    210

Lesson 10. Who is more equal? (Reading lesson)    214

Lesson 11. The American Bill of Rights (Home-reading)    219

Lesson 12. Australia is an independent country within the commonwealth.    223

Lesson 13. The political system of New Zealand.    231

Lesson 14. Who’d have thought it? (Communication)    238

Lesson 15. “An Ideal state, as I understand it!” (Project)    244

Lesson 16. The political systems of English-speaking countries (Revision)    250

Lesson 17. The political system of the Russian Federation (Revision)    255

Lesson 18. Final grammar test (Units I, II)    259

Внеклассное мероприятие: Quiz “The political systems of English-speaking countries” (Cultural awareness) 264

Term III (16 lessons)

Unit III. What is hot with the young Generation? 272

Lesson 1. How do teens express their individuality?    272

Lesson 2. Different political and charity organizations (Home-reading)    278

Lesson 3. Why do teens join the group?    283

Lesson 4. What music do teens choose now? (Home-reading)    289

Lesson 5. What can your parents tell you about their youth?    295

Lesson 6. Do you know how to make a fashionable thing by yourself? (Home-reading)    302

Lesson 7. How much are teens in Russia like teens in other countries?    309

Lesson 8. Clubs are popular places with young people (Home-reading)    315

Lesson 9. Are all the young bad?    322

Lesson 10. Are youth gangs really dangerous? (Home-reading)    328

Lesson 11. I don’t think I can go with you, actually! (Communication)    333

Lesson 12. “A youth group / organization I’d like to create” (Project)    338

Lesson 13. The world turns to Apache’s reggae    342

Lesson 14. The history of Pock’n’Roll.    348

Lesson 15. Grammar lesson (Preparation for testing)    353

Lesson 16. Final grammar test (Unit III)    359

Внеклассное мероприятие: Quiz “What do you know about youth groups (organizations) in other countries?” (Cultural awareness) 364

Term IV (16 lessons)

Unit IV. Is it easy to be young? 369

Lesson 1. What right is right for me?    369

Lesson 2. Free the children (Home-reading)    376

Lesson 3. Are you of age?    382

Lesson 4. Rights and laws in the USA and Russia (Home-reading)    387

Lesson 5. Young people – old problems.    392

Lesson 6. Dating or waiting?.    399

Lesson 7. Enthusiasm and a good sense of humour (Home-reading)    405

Lesson 8. Teenage years – do they bring luck?    409

Lesson 9. “The way teenagers live” (Project)    414

Lesson 10. Anything to complain about? (Communication)    421

Lesson 11. Do the British like to complain? (Home-reading)    429

Lesson 12. Teen Court – guilty or not? (Role-play)    433

Lesson 13. Everyone wants to be popular    440

Lesson 14. British national society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children    446

Lesson 15. Grammar test (Unit IV)    451

Lesson 16. Final grammar test (Terms I, II, III, IV)    457

Внеклассное мероприятие: English holiday “St. Valentine’s Day” (at the end of school year).    466

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